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What Makes You Happy?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

You make us happy! We are J.B. Delicious Bakery aka JM Rosens Wholesale/California. We are bakers by trade. What drives us is passion for deliciousness, quality, and the happiness it creates. Cheesecakes, Cakes, Cookies, Tarts.... "When I see the glow on a customers face when handed a box with the J.B. Delicious logo, that’s euphoria for me." says the World's Best Cheesecake Baker, Fernando Casillas. He know the extreme pleasure and happiness his customers will experience when indulging and sharing the dessert cheesecake. It's easy to see when handing a customer a cheesecake in our box. It will make someone very happy.

J.B. Delicious/JM Rosen wholesale clientele has been with us for years because their customers return to their establishment for a “slice” of their favorite J.B. Delicious Dessert or Cheesecake. After many years of sweat, hard work and overwhelming great reviews, we bring to you our Delicious Cheesecakes and Desserts in our online shop. We hope this makes you happy. Try it, you'll love it! It will make you happy for as long you are able to have every single morsel to yourself...just kidding of course.

Our selection is a selection of experience and favorites our customers cannot get enough of for 33 years. It's proven over and over every day we receive larger orders from our wholesale clients. New York Cheesecake, Neapolitan Cheesecake, Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake, Snickers Cheesecake, and our Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh, our Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake (real cake are a hit too!)

Your pleasure and happiness is our mission.

J.B. Delicious Dessert/Cheesecakes

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Five Star Reviews

"I just ate a slice of cheesecake that I picked up from Whole Foods in Oxnard. It was so good I had to look up JM Rosen. Hope to visit locally to try more desserts!"

Jasmine - Google Review

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