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New Jersey, 

Welcome! A state that has a list of 25 desserts that you must eat before you die! That's a lot of desserts for such a small area. The one dessert we did not see on that list was our Famous Cheesecake, J.B. Delicious Cheesecake. We know that's why you're here. You are probably used to the NY cheesecakes near you. But you won't find one like this. We know, we've been there.

The New Jersey visitors who try our desserts look at each other with a smile and say, we have to have this back home. One customer from New Jersey who lives in California now said, "this gets more and more addicting with each bite." Honestly.

New Jersey with your famous 25 desserts, which one of ours will you choose before you die? The Chocolate Fantasy, Snickers Bar Cheesecake, really, the New York Cheesecake? We hope you come back again and again and make all of our desserts a part of your dessert and party rituals.

We have a special flat rate price for New Jersey because we liked the movie New Jersey Girls with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. No, just kidding. We want to share our sweet and luscious desserts with everyone! Go for it Jersey!

New Jersey Dessert Delivery 

Delivery time: Fast!

Temperature: Seasonal

Flat Rate Shipping


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Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

Mocha/Cappuccino Cheesecake

Snickers Candy Bar Cheesecake

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Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake Triple Decker

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Five Star Reviews

"I just ate a slice of cheesecake that I picked up from Whole Foods in Oxnard. It was so good I had to look up JM Rosen. Hope to visit locally to try more desserts!"

Jasmine - Google Review

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